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Your First Sync


Prefer to read? Here’s a step-by-step on how to sync your medical records.

Welcome to INvaryant. This is your first stop for pulling together records from all your healthcare providers.

Before starting the sync process, make sure you have some basic information on hand for each provider’s portal you want to sync with: You will need the provider’s name, their facility’s name, the facility’s zip code, and your patient portal username and password. We also recommend testing your log-in information within your provider’s patient portal first.  If you don’t have a log-in for your provider’s patient portal, please contact your provider’s office.

Here, you will select the name of the user whose records you’d like to sync.

Next, confirm the profile information and click Import health records.

If the incorrect user is displayed, click Select other to choose a different family member. Clicking Cancel will close the sync process.

After selecting Add a provider, search by entering the full name of your provider or facility and the zip code. Then click Search.

Please select your provider from the list. Because many providers see patients at multiple locations, the search may show a different address than where you visit your provider. That’s okay! We will select the correct location next.

If you don’t see your provider, please reach out to our support team.

Here, you will select the location where you visit this provider.

After confirming your provider’s information, enter your patient portal username and password. Then click Connect.

The provider has now been added to your INvaryant records and this is where all of your other synced providers will be displayed. If there are any other provider portals you’d like to pull records from, you can do that now by selecting Add a provider.

To check the status of a sync or to make changes to a portal connection, click the provider’s info.

If the log-in information is correct, you will receive a notification that your records are being synced, and we will let you know when the process is complete.


Thank you for using INvaryant to sync together your health records. If you have any trouble, please refer to our support resources at Or you can reach us by phone at 770-857-3870 or email us at

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