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Prefer to read? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a child to your Invaryant account.


If you are a parent with little ones, you know how important it is for all the adults in your child’s life to be prepared in case of emergency. When you invite others to be caregivers, they are granted access to your child’s profile so that those involved in daily or occasional care have immediate access to emergency contacts, allergies, medications, etc. With Invaryant, it’s easy to link dependents’ profiles with caregivers.

After logging into Invaryant, click the Related users option in the menu.

On the Related users page, click Send request. Please be aware that you must have a dependent related user already added to your account to complete the next steps.

The caregiver-relation-request form appears. Enter the Email address of the individual you are sending the request to. Select the Role that person will take on, either primary caregiver or caregiver.

Primary caregivers have the ability to sync as well as add new information to a child’s records. At this time, caregivers are able to add new information but are not able to sync the child’s record with patient portals.

Next, select the check box next to the child for whom you are sending the request. If you have multiple children, you will be able to send a request for multiple children at the same time.

To select the relationship between the child and the caregiver contact, use the searchable drop-down lists. After selections are made, click Send. This returns you to the Related users page and sends an email to the requested contact.

The email received by the requested contact provides a link to their Invaryant account to accept or decline your request to share. Prior to accepting, the recipient should confirm the assigned role (caregiver or primary caregiver) and their relationship with the child whose profile has been shared.

Once the request is accepted, the shared child or related user appears within the Related users section of the new caregiver’s Invaryant.

When viewing the child’s profile, you can see how many caregivers are assigned, as well as the roles of those individuals. More information about the caregivers can be accessed by clicking the Caregivers button.

Any number of caregivers can be added: for example, parents, grandparents, baby sitters – anyone who may need to know your child’s medical history in case of emergency.


Thank you for choosing Invaryant to help manage your family’s health records. If you have any trouble, please refer to our support resources at Or you can reach us by phone at 770-857-3870 or email at

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