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NOTE: At this time, synced information – data pulled from a sync with a provider’s portal – is “view only” and cannot be edited.

When you click the My medications tile, a page called My medications opens, as pictured below.

Figure 1 – Blank “My medications” page


If you click the Add button on a blank My medications page (that has no tiles already saved), then a blank page for adding a new medication appears, as shown below in Figure 2. To save a new medication, ensure that all required fields are filled in.

Figure 2 – Blank medication page


Once all required fields for the new medication have been filled in and you’ve clicked Save, the medication appears as a tile, as shown below:

Figure 3 – Medication tile example


If you click the Add tile when a medication already exists on the My medications page, however, the following modal dialog appears:

Figure 4 – Adding an additional medication


If the new medication is not replacing an existing medication, click No to open the blank medication page in Figure 2 above.

If the new medication is replacing an existing medication, click Yes, which opens the following:

Figure 5 – Medication replacement


Select the medication that is being replaced and click Proceed to open the blank medication page in Figure 2 above. This will move the selected medication to the Medication history panel. (NOTE: At this time, medications pulled from a sync are non-editable and cannot be replaced.)

A medication may also be moved to the Medication history panel by clicking the medication’s Edit button on the My medications page, selecting Move to history at the bottom of the page, and clicking Save. (NOTE: At this time, medications pulled from a sync are non-editable and cannot be moved to history.)

The third way a medication may be moved to history is by changing its End date to a date in the past. This will automatically send the medication to Medication history.

Figure 6 – Inactive medication


To reactivate a medication in the Medication history panel, click Edit next to the medication’s entry in Medication history. Ensure that the End date is in the future, select Restore, and click Save.

Figure 7 – Restoring an inactive medication

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