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My Family History


When you click the My family history tile, a page called My family history opens, as pictured below.

Figure 1 – “My family history” page


If you click the Add button on the My family history page, then a blank page for adding a new family-history record appears, as shown below in Figure 2. To save a family-history record, ensure that all required fields are filled in.

Figure 2 – Blank page for a new family-history record


A family-history record may be moved to the Family history – historical records panel by clicking the family-history record’s Edit button on the My family history page, selecting Move to history at the bottom of the page (shown in Figure 3 below), and clicking Save.

Figure 3 – Editing a family-history record


Figure 4 – Inactive family-history record


To reactivate a family-history record in the Family history – historical records panel, click Edit next to the medical condition’s entry in Family history – historical records, select Restore, and click Save.

Figure 5 – Editing an inactive family-history record

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