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My Allergies


NOTE: At this time, synced information – data pulled from a sync with a provider’s portal – is “view only” and cannot be edited.

When you click the My allergies tile, a page called My allergies opens, as pictured below.

Figure 1 – “My allergies” page


If you click the Add button on the My allergies page, then a blank page for adding a new allergy appears, as shown below in Figure 2. To save a new allergy, ensure that all required fields are filled in.

Figure 2 – Blank page for a new allergy


An allergy may be moved to the Allergy history panel by clicking the allergy’s Edit button on the My allergies page, selecting Move to history at the bottom of the page (shown in Figure 3 below), and clicking Save. (NOTE: At this time, allergies pulled from a sync are non-editable and cannot be moved to history.)

Figure 3 – Editing an allergy


Figure 4 – Inactive allergy at the bottom


To reactivate an allergy in the Allergy history panel, click Edit next to the allergy’s entry in Allergy history, select Restore, and click Save.

Figure 5 – Editing an inactive allergy

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