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Create Your Account


To get started, go to and click Sign Up Now. This link takes you to the signup wizard. Enter your first and last name, as well as your email address. This email address will serve as your username. Next, create a password, which needs to be entered twice. We require strong passwords, which means you will need to include the following:

  • 8 – 12 characters
  • upper and lower case letters
  • numbers
  • special characters ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? )

NOTE: If you prefer to use an automatic password generator, you can follow this link (opens in another tab). Make sure Numbers, Symbols, and Letters are all selected so that a compliant password is generated.

You also have the option to provide your cellphone number. If you do, we will send you a security code via text message (SMS). If you do not provide a cell number, we will send the security code to the email account you provide. The cell number will also be added to the My phones page of your profile within your Invaryant account, which is described in a later section.

Please review your page for errors, which will be highlighted in red, as shown below. Each error message includes an explanation of what is needed to fix the error.

Invaryant creates the error message as soon as you click away from the field; it does not wait for you to click Next.

You have the option of subscribing to the Invaryant newsletter. (We promise to only send occasional and important updates – no annoying daily emails.) Clear the check box to opt out, if you’d prefer.

Please confirm your status as a human by clicking the reCAPTCHA box; then follow the steps.

If there are no errors and you are not a robot, check boxes will appear for Our Pledge, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Click on each title to bring up the respective text. Read through each section and click the OK, Got it! buttons for each page.

After all three check boxes are selected, click Create account. If a red circle with a slash through it to represent an error appears over the button, double check to make sure all required fields and check boxes are filled.

Once the Create account button is clicked, the login screen appears. Enter your email address and password; then click Log in.

If, upon logging in, you have forgotten your password, select Forgot password and follow the steps to receive an email to reset it.

Upon your first login, you will be asked to enter a verification code. This code will have been sent by email (if you did not supply a cellphone number upon account creation) or by text (if you supplied a cellphone number upon account creation). Enter the 4-digit code and click Log in. If you are unable to locate the code or the code you have does not work, click Resend code to have a new code sent to your email or phone.

Before accessing your dashboard, you are asked to enter some basic personal, demographic, and health information. Complete all required fields (denoted by an asterisk *). Make sure all information entered is correct before proceeding. If any required fields are left blank or incomplete, a will appear when you attempt to click Next. You can go back to the last screen by clicking Previous.

After basic personal information, including your name, address, and phone number, has been entered, the next screen is for sex/gender. Select the sex listed on your birth certificate and whether you identify as the same corresponding gender today. If you select Yes, you will be asked to choose how you identify from a drop-down list. Then, enter your date of birth. You can search through the drop-down lists by entering text into the search bar or by scrolling to locate the correct option. Click Next.

When you click Next, you will be asked for your height and weight. Once you enter your height and weight, you are shown your current body mass index (BMI). NOTE: For more information about your BMI, go here. Click Next to move to the following screen.

Here, we ask for marital status, race, and ethnicity. Use the searchable drop-down lists to make selections. If you prefer, there is a Rather not say category for each drop-down list. Once selections are made for all three sections, click Next.

Next is the last screen before entering your Invaryant dashboard. Here, you have the option to initiate a sync with your doctors’ patient portals and import your records into your Invaryant. To start syncing your records now, click Import health records. (You can also sync at any time from within your Invaryant by clicking the Sync button in the main menu, as shown below.) To close out of the sync wizard, click Finish, which takes you to your Invaryant homepage/dashboard.

Sync button – second from left

If you’d like to wait or you need time to gather login credentials for your doctor’s portals, click Save for later. This also takes you to your Invaryant homepage/dashboard.

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