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Add a Child


Prefer to read? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a child to your Invaryant account.


With Invaryant, it’s easy to piece together your family’s health journey, starting with adding your children. This same process also applies to adding any other family members for whom you are the legal guardian, including, for example, foster children, siblings, and parents.

After logging into Invaryant, click the Related users option in the menu.

Select Add.

If you are the legal guardian for the child you’re adding, select Yes. You will then be taken through the account-creation process.

If you are not the legal guardian, you will be redirected to send a request to the child’s guardian for you to be granted view-only access.

Next, you will start creating the account. From the drop-down list, select the child’s relationship to you, for example, “son.” Then enter their name: first, last, and optional middle initial. To go back to the last screen, click Previous. Otherwise, click Next.

Select the gender listed on the individual’s birth certificate. If they identify differently today, select Yes; then make a selection from the drop-down list. Otherwise, select No.

Next, select the year of birth. Using the arrows on either side of the calendar, you can move backward and forward by 10-year increments.

After a year is selected, months populate the calendar view. Click the month of birth.

Then days appear. Select the day of birth. The date at the top of the calendar should now show the correct date of birth for the family member you are adding.

If the date indicates the child is under 13 years of age, we ask again to confirm legal guardianship. Select Cancel if you are not the guardian or if you are less than 13 years of age. Selecting Confirm continues the account-creation process.

Next, you will enter the most recent known height and weight for the child you are adding. These values can be entered in imperial or metric measurements. The BMI calculates automatically. Then, click Finish.

Now the child’s account has been created, with you as the primary caregiver. Any time you’d like to access the account, log into your Invaryant and click the Related users button. Each related user has a complete Invaryant profile.

If the added related user is a child under 18 years of age, we recommend adding a My child’s growth panel to your dashboard. To do this, navigate to the homepage of your Invaryant account and click the Edit toggle. This allows you to customize your dashboard by moving, removing, and adding tiles. To add a different tile, click the plus tile at the bottom. This displays a list of tile options to customize the dashboard to your needs. Since you just added a child’s account, select child’s growth. Now that the child’s-growth panel is on the dashboard, it can be moved to any position by sliding it up, down, left, or right. This tile allows you to quickly add measurements, such as height, weight, and head circumference, as well as keep up with vaccines. Please refer to the “Editing/moving tiles” and “My child’s growth” sections of this guide for more information on how to interact with this set of features. Finish by clicking off the Edit toggle.


Thank you for choosing Invaryant to help manage your family’s health records. If you have any trouble, please refer to our support resources at Or you can reach us by phone at 770-857-3870 or email at

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