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INvaryant is a tool that allows people to take control of their medical records and, in doing so, take control of their healthcare. INvaryant, Inc. empowers you with a INvaryant that automatically synchronizes with your healthcare providers’ systems, giving healthcare providers an up-to-date medical record with every visit and ensuring that you always have the latest medical information at your fingertips. By downloading INvaryant , you are joining a health movement that seeks to make healthcare safer, more convenient, and less expensive.

Problems INvaryant solves

Medical errors are currently the third leading cause of death in the US. More than 1,000 people die and 10,000 more are seriously injured, every day. Legacy EMR systems lock medical records in silos, resulting in incomplete medical records within a patient’s care ecosystem. This makes rendering accurate diagnoses impossible for physicians, which puts both patients and healthcare providers at risk. Additionally, tremendous waste occurs in the current system. Some cost estimates are as high as $660 billion in duplicate testing, unnecessary testing, and other forms of waste. This can harm you because you have to endure the duplicate testing and pay for it through higher premiums.

From your perspective, INvaryant provides:

  • Convenience: eliminates filling out forms for every healthcare provider
  • Automation: syncs your complete medical record with healthcare providers & care teams
  • Records: safely provides current, complete, and convenient records in your INvaryant
  • Empowerment: produces a holistic medical record, which enables informed choices
  • Savings: provides valuable coupons/rebates specific to your needs
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